Monday, January 7, 2008

Attempt to harpoon a president in office for 30 years

Cartooning and lampooning of Maumoon has continued over the past three or four years. It has been a norm in the obedient society which was groomed to oneness in all aspects for nearly 29 years. However the harpooning attempt which took place just a while back was a shock to the whole country. While condeming this attack on all grounds it also has become an eye opener to all of us. Terrorism has taken its roots in this country over the past one year. With the triggering of an explosion in a park near the largest holy Mosque in Maldives and the violence on the rise, fear became indulged in the evryday lives of people in this peaceful heaven.
Well there is a Maldivian saying that "the ekel you sharpen will pierce in to your own eyes". This is the reality of this violence. Over the past years people have been deprived of various rights and the worsening socio economic factors lead to the demise of social harmony once enjoyed by us. The terror we face now has not been created on one fine day with the fabrication of party politics in the country. It has been inflating over the past 30 years and blasted out with the inception of party politics and a new wave of freedom.
We are still in an enigma, and most of us are unaware of what freedom means and we are still not aware of our rights. While we talk about common street crimes and violence everyday, the hidden white collar crimes go on raging our economy. Corruption is at its peak and a handful of cronies of the government keep on fattening their coffers.The soccial injustice to common people are ripping them of their moral and ethical values. All this atrocities are like an ekel sharpened by the lomg term president. And it has finally pierced his own eyes literally. Thus an attempt to harpoon him became a vivid reality which we dont want to hear. There is no reason to point finger at any person or party or instittution for this. The truth is "emeehaku feyhunu iloshigandey hereynee emeehakuge lolah".
Let us all be aware that the president has done lot of good things to us while he has also failed us in many ways. So its the people who will decide the political future of this country.Gone are the days of hiding behind the curtain of fear. People are now saying enough is enough.Surely a change may be the perfect solution or it may perhaps become a disaster.Mr President has come to power with a horse skin and over the past years it has grown thick enough to become crocodile skin. If he could allow the country into a smooth transition to a perfect democracy we may perhaps accept his crocodile skin as well as his crocodile tears.


Anonymous said...

Though some of ur words are bit harsh, I totally agree withe essence of this post. What we are expriencing today is due to 29 years of social engineering. It has been 29 years, since we are fumming with anger and frustrations. It is indeed very sad to see our current condition. We are in a society which is falling apart.

With the injection of freedom in our society everyone in haste tried to create resentments in the public mind against their rival camps. The government could have created awareness among public regarding, democracy and political pluralism. Sure if they did, this sort of incidents will not happen.

iddu said...

Im sorry im a bit harsh.But its the puke that came due to the spinning i got during all this years.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. but
we should all avoid the mullas in our society... if your friends are those, avoid them... and advice them... you can be actually more stronger than those who originally convinced them... god bless us all!

Anonymous said...

WTF, is there anything that a Mullah can do in this case...? this is the direct result of a mad our small dictator Maumoon abdul gayoom's greediness.

30 years and still the mad guy is trying to the hearts n minds of us>>fuk this golhaabo

Anonymous said...

WTF, is there anything that a Mullah can do in this case...? this is the direct result of our small dictator Maumoon abdul gayoom's greediness and his cunning ideology.

30 years and still the mad guy is trying to win the hearts n minds of us>>fuk this golhaabo

iddu said...

Exactly, indeed.Everyone is about to puke but they are still holding it.I wonder whats gonna happen when everyone puke on the dictator.Im saying this literally.The old bugger should sod off.

anti governmnet said...

what you have expressed is absolutely right and the majority of public have same thoughts.well every body is waiting for a change for a better maldives.